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June 9, 2018 | Comments Off on Home

Laing & Parent LLP is a full service law firm with an emphasis on real estate, corporate/commercial law, wills and estate planning, estates, elder law, and powers of attorney.

Laing & Parent LLP is the only law firm in Southwestern Ontario that can offer a full range of practical experience and expertise in all components of commercial and security enforcements under the Personal Property Security Act, the Repair and Storage Liens Act, and the Commercial Tenancies Act.

This is because we are the only law firm in Southwestern Ontario that has the experience to directly, effectively and properly seize collateral.  This is the first step in safeguarding security interests and statutory liens.  Seizing and selling the assets is oftentimes the only way you are going to get paid, particularly if there are competing creditors.  This avoids the cost and delay of bringing court action.  However, it must be done quickly and efficiently.

This is because one of our partners, G. Dewar Laing, has the practical experience that comes from an appointment as a Bailiff for the Province of Ontario.  Mr. Laing has been practicing law since 1985, with an emphasis on commercial collections.  In 2003, Mr. Laing received his appointment as a Bailiff from the Province of Ontario.  Mr. Laing held the appointment from 2003 through 2015, during which time he recovered many millions of dollars worth of assets for secured creditors, landlords, unpaid service providers, leasing companies, chattel mortgagees, and rightful owners.  This has saved our clients tens of thousands of dollars by recovering without need of a trial.

However, we are a full service law firm and provide a number of services.  In addition to corporate and commercial work, we provide real estate services for residential and commercial properties in the City of Windsor and throughout the County of Essex.  We maintain offices in the Windsor and service the county through our offices in Harrow, Ontario.