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June 10, 2018 | Comments Off on About Our Firm

Laing & Parent LLP is a full service law firm with an emphasis on real estate, corporate/commercial law, wills and estate planning, estates, elder law, and powers of attorney.

Laing & Parent LLP is the only law firm in Southwestern Ontario that can offer a full range of practical experience and expertise in all components of commercial and security enforcements under the Personal Property Security Act, the Repair and Storage Liens Act, and the Commercial Tenancies Act.

This is because we are the only law firm in Southwestern Ontario that has practical experience in the lawful, effective and proper seizure and sale of collateral.  This is the first step in safeguarding security interests and statutory liens.  Seizing and selling the assets is oftentimes the only way you are going to get paid, particularly if there are competing creditors.

G. Dewar Laing has been practicing law since 1985, with an emphasis on commercial collections.  In 2003, Mr. Laing received an appointment as a Bailiff from the Province of Ontario.  Between 2003 and 2018, our offices have recovered millions of dollars worth of assets for our clients, who are often secured creditors, commercial landlords, unpaid service providers, leasing companies, and chattel mortgagees.  We save our clients time and money, because we can recover these monies without need of a trial and without the delay and expense a trial entails.

We specialize in obtaining the appropriate court orders and authority necessary to enlist the assistance of the police in seizing secured goods before they disappear or are taken by competing creditors.  We have the ability to seize and sell the goods of a delinquent commercial tenant without delay or need of a court order.

We are very adept at converting recovered goods to cash if the purpose of the seizure and sale is to recover on a commercial debt.  We work with a number of appraisers and auctioneers across the Province of Ontario and beyond.

We enable you to implement the “self-help” remedies contained in a number of statutes and thereby avoid the cost and delay of court proceedings in many circumstances.  Of course, there is a responsibility that comes with “self-help” procedures, and consequently severe penalties if not exercised properly.  We know how to safely and efficiently achieve your best result.  Our job is to minimize your loss and maximize your recovery.

One of the ways that we do this is by assisting you in setting up your credit facilities with strong and effective enforcement provisions. The best deterrent to bad debt is an effective enforcement program.

We can provide you with credit agreements that allow you to give credit to your customers and clients in confidence, because we can ensure that the debt is secured.  The most effective accounts receivable program is one that compels debtors to pay in a timely manner without going into default in the first place.  The best leverage is collateral security in a debtor’s personal property. The only way to accomplish this is through open credit agreements. We can help you establish special enforcement provisions in your sales and credit agreements that make the debtor responsible for all costs of collection and allow us to take advantage of our ability to seize goods in the event of default.